"a click away": world-wide on-line photoshoot

On-line photoshoot, a click away by videocall. 

You´ll be in your place and I, in mine. I guide you as if I were there, with you. 

That simple. And very special.

Because the special moments are now! And they can be recorded virtually and worldwide.

Great for families, pregnancy, proposal, couples, influencers, models, and even with your pet.

The on-line photoshoot started as an alternative to offer to my clients beautiful memories, even without us being able to leave our homes during the social isolation.
And it was surprisingly successful that it became a new program: "A Click Away"!
I won't call it a project, I'll call it a program! Cause it is now part of my portfolio, and it will remain so even when the pandemic is over. Of course, it does not have the same quality as the photos taken "in loco", with a professional camera. However, it really is an excellent solution to have cool records, different from what most people would do alone at home, since they have the eyes of the photographer along with professional techniques and edition. In addition, they represent much more for those who do not have the budget for a traditional shoot.

 If you already loved the idea, then
make your reservation right away by filling in the form you find here (Visa, Mastercard and Amex are welcome). For other payment methods, please click here
Ahhhh do you want to see some pictures? Then, take a look at the gallery down here!

Our session will have a duration of approximately 1h30. According to that, we will define the best time according to our schedules. A few days before, we will have a quick meeting by whatsapp. This is first conversation is for us to get to know each other and, also, so that I can understand what you like, explain you how the shoot will be, give you precious tips!

On the date and time scheduled for our session, I will call you via zoom. This application allows you to share your mobile screen, and, that way, I will direct you on posing for the camera, while you'll click using a method that I will teach you.

After the session ended, you'll be able to select your favorite 15 photos and email me. Once I received them, I'll give them a professional edition and send you back!

Your most important moments, those of your daily life, full of stories and affection, will be kept forever!

And the value? It is symbolic, following this movement of mutual aid that we are experiencing! Only BR$ 143 (less then USD 30), that you can pay by credit card. 

Rhere is no excuses for not doing it, right?